Superior Bendability

MEGA GOLD TMT BARS are manufactured by the advanced Turbo quench Process, Which result in a though outer surface and a soft core. This Provides the Re-Bars good bendability and Workability.

Excellent Weldability

MEGA GOLD TMT BARS have low carbon content, are highly wieldable, in comparison to ordinary Re-bars and require no pre post welding treatment.

Special Corrosion Resistance

MEGA GOLD TMT BARS CRS have been tested in rigorous corrosion media and evaluated for various corrosion resistant properties as per ASTM standards viz. Alternate immersion test, salt Spray test, Atmospheric Exposure test, Sulphur Dioxide test and potentio Dynamic test. The result of such corrosion test indicate that MEGA GOLD TMT BARS CRS have a minimum Corrosion Resistant index (CRI) of 1.7 as compared to CRI of other TMT RE-BARS CRS shown an available in the market.


Apart from usage is general construction sector MEGA GOLD TMT RE-BARS fe 500/500 D find usage in critical applications such as:



Power plant
Critical Structures

High-rise Buildings

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