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The Group is a major business conglomerate in India. With its expertise spreading across manufacturing, engineering, constructions and real estate, the Groups boasts of a long track record of quality, efficiency and ethics. Well know among the Government sector for its timely delivery and international quality standards, Group has established itself as leading industrial group.

Driven by the Philosophy of using local resources to meet the development needs of the region, the group entered into the business of Steel, Cement, Real Estate, Hospitality , Power, Educational Institutions, Mining and other business and has established itself as the Largest Selling Cement and Steel manufacturing brands in the region.







Mega Gold TMT bars and coils have high accuracy ratio and are best suitable for your needs.

Award Winner

Mega Gold TMT has earned many awards and is one of the leading and trusted TMT bars and coil manufacturer in northeast region.

Automated Machines

Mega Gold TMT manufactures high quality TMT bars and coils through the use of automated and highly sofisticated machines.


Our products are strong enough to resist all types of natural conditions.


Mega Gold TMT products are manufactured under high quality checks to maintain quality standards.


Our products are durable and can be used to develop stuctures that needs longivity.

Our Certificates


  • What is TMT Bar?

It is a special type-of bar manufactured using a latest technology. In developed countries only TMT Bar is used for construction activities.

  • How TMT Bar is manufactured?

This high quality bar is manufactured using most advanced technology of the 21st century called 'Thermo Mechanical Treatment'.

  • Why should you use TMT Bar?

Because it is very strong, ductile and economical.

  • How it is economical?

Because of its 20 % more strength.

  • Is TMT Bar used for high rising building, bridges and dams

Not at all. It is used for all types of construction works ranging from buildings to dams.

  • So what are the other specialties of this bar?

1. It is earth quake resistant because of its high tensile strength and flexibility. 2. It is less affected by rust. 3. It has 4 % less weight per meter than normal that makes it economical. 4. It has more strength to sustain fire. 5. It bonds strongly with cement than other reinforcement bars. 6. It does not peel off the skin while working with it.

  • How can distinguish genuine Mizoram Ispat Industries TMT Bar?

Mizoram Ispat Industries stamp on every meter of bar and red Mizoram Ispat Industries strip on every bundle proves the genuineness of Mizoram Ispat Industries TMT Bar. So watch out for these two things while purchasing Mizoram Ispat Industries TMT Bar.

  • Is there duplicate TMT Bar available in the market?

Yes, Duplicate TMT Bar are very much available in the market from local manufacturers who apply water on cheap bar during production to make them look alike TMT Bar. Some other brands are sold saying it is product of Mizoram Ispat Industries.

  • How can duplicate TMT Bar be detected?

Just avoid the local products. Go for reputed brands to avoid any cheating and fake products.

  • How many grades are there in TMT Bar?

There are 9 grades in TMT Bar. However, commonly used grades are - Fe - 415, Fe- 500 & Fe- 550 and their D grade also. Fe- 550 is the strongest among the three. These three grades of Mizoram Ispat Industries Bar come at 8 mm to 25 mm range, 28 & 32mm range also.

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